“Randy, we miss you. A legend in country music history with possibly the greatest voice. God bless

On May 2, 2013, country music legend George Jones was laid to rest in Nashville, Tennessee. The funeral featured a star-studded lineup of performers paying tribute to the man known as “The Possum.” One of the highlights of the service was Randy Travis’ emotional rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Travis, who was still recovering from a stroke he had suffered the previous year, delivered a powerful performance despite his physical limitations. Dressed in a suit and tie and seated in a wheelchair, he began singing the first verse of the hymn acapella. As he continued, he was joined by a choir and a full band.

As Travis sang, the mourners in attendance were visibly moved. Many wiped away tears as they listened to his soulful voice fill the room. The performance was a testament to both Travis’ talent and his friendship with Jones, who had been a mentor to him throughout his career.

Following the funeral, Travis’ version of “Amazing Grace” became a viral sensation online. Fans praised his ability to convey the emotion and spirituality of the song, which has become a staple of funerals and memorials around the world. For many, it was a fitting tribute to a beloved musician who had left an indelible mark on the world of country music.

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