Listen : Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton collaborated for “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away.”

Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton performed a highly-anticipated medley of “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away” at the 2015 CMA Awards. The performance was a highlight of the show, with fans eagerly waiting for the two artists to take the stage together. The song “Tennessee Whiskey,” originally recorded by George Jones in 1983, has experienced a revival in recent years due to the popularity of Stapleton’s cover version, while “Drink You Away” is a Timberlake original.

The collaboration between the two artists came about after Justin Timberlake tweeted his admiration for Chris Stapleton’s music. A few weeks later, they found themselves rehearsing for their CMA Awards performance. The result was a stunning display of musicianship and vocal prowess, with Stapleton’s soulful country voice complementing Timberlake’s pop sensibilities.

During the performance, Justin Timberlake started by playing “Drink You Away” on his guitar as Chris Stapleton sang backup vocals. They then transitioned into “Tennessee Whiskey,” with Stapleton taking lead vocals and Timberlake providing harmonies. The two artists fed off each other’s energy, delivering a masterful performance that brought the audience to their feet.

After the performance, social media exploded with praise for the collaboration. Fans of both artists hailed the performance as one of the highlights of the night, with many calling for more collaborations between the two. The success of the performance also led to increased interest in both “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away,” with sales and streams of the songs spiking in the days following the awards show.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton at the 2015 CMA Awards was a standout moment in the history of the show. Their performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away” showcased the unique talents of both artists, and the result was a musical moment that will be remembered for years to come.

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