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George Strait and His Exceptionally Cute Duet Partner Shine in “God and Country Music.”

The reigning monarch of country music, George Strait, reaffirmed his timeless appeal with the release of “God and Country Music” from his 2019 album, “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” In a move that delighted fans and added a layer of personal charm to the song, Strait introduced an exceptionally special duet partner—his own grandson, George Harvey Strait III, affectionately nicknamed Harvey.

Strait’s pride in his grandson was unmistakable as he shared insights into their recording process. “We went through a good number of takes,” George recounted, describing how he guided Harvey through the recording, sometimes singing alongside him and then stepping back to let Harvey take the lead. “He was really keen on doing it; he threw himself into the project. For a six-year-old, that level of involvement is quite impressive,” Strait beamed with a laugh.

Their heartwarming performance of “God and Country Music” made its debut at the Houston Rodeo Show in Houston, Texas, in March 2019. Little Harvey, bearing a striking resemblance to his father Bubba, appeared completely at ease in front of the massive crowd that erupted in cheers the moment he approached the microphone.

Harvey’s moment in the spotlight came later in the song, but he waited patiently, standing still as a statue while his grandfather, the King of Country, began their duet. Without any apparent signal from Strait, Harvey joined in seamlessly at the perfect moment, completing the song together with his grandfather, who looked on at Harvey with immense pride. Their performance concluded with a heartfelt hug and a wave to the adoring audience, after which Harvey exited the stage with the poise of a seasoned performer.

The song “God and Country Music,” penned by Luke Laird, Barry Dean, and Lori McKenna, reflects on the enduring value of country music, positing it as one of the few things in this world “still worth saving.” The lyrics poignantly observe that even amid loss and darkness, the essence of country music persists in small-town churches and backroad honky-tonks, embodying the constant dance between sin and salvation.

George Strait’s rendition of “God and Country Music” remains true to his signature style that fans have cherished since the dawn of his illustrious career. The track is imbued with the classic George Strait elements—a soothing blend of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and piano, all complemented by Strait’s rich, comforting vocals that have led to more No. 1 hits than any other artist in the annals of country music. This song emerges as a standout piece that not only celebrates Strait’s enduring legacy but also resonates deeply with aficionados of traditional country music.

For those eager to witness this touching collaboration between George Strait and his grandson Harvey, the video of their “God and Country Music” performance is a must-see, promising an unforgettable experience that showcases the intergenerational bond and the timeless appeal of country music.

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