A scarcely seen Potoo bird has been recorded by the camera.

Potoos are a group of nocturnal and solitary birds found in Central and South America. They are known for their distinctive appearance, with large eyes, wide beaks, and camouflaged plumage that blends in with tree bark. Potoos are also known for their unique behavior of perching motionless during the day and relying on their camouflage to avoid detection by predators.

Potoos are insectivores and feed on moths, beetles, and other flying insects that they catch in mid-air. They are also important in controlling insect populations in their ecosystems. Potoos are not migratory birds and generally stay in one place throughout the year. They are relatively quiet birds, and their calls are typically low-pitched and can be mistaken for the sound of a distant owl or frog.

Potoos are not considered threatened or endangered, but some species are vulnerable due to habitat loss caused by deforestation and other human activities. Despite being nocturnal and difficult to observe, Potoos are appreciated by birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts for their unique appearance and behavior.

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